The share of individuals who save money once 2-3 months dropped slightly to 17% in 2009 from 18% in 2007. The remaining share of 3% residents in the urban areas save more rarely than once 2-3 months, versus 10% two years ago.

According to the survey conducted by the research company IRSOP for BCR Housing Bank, on a longer term, 44% of the respondents said they were feeling pessimistic about their ability to save, 21% said they were optimistic on their future financial situation, while 36% said they were neutral.

“The Romanians feeling pessimistic said their situation had worsened and would worsen. They also consider themselves or members of their family to be highly exposed to unemployment”, the survey found.

IRSOP stressed that the current economic conditions “has strongly affected the middle class, the most important segment of the society”, which the research company estimates at 50%of the urban population.

Thus, the “lower class” accounts for 26% of the urban population, and the “upper class” accounts for 24%.