At the origin of this operation were the intermediaries’ requests to carry out settlement cross border operations, outside the trading systems (OTC – over the counter).

“After only few weeks since the first registration into RoClear system of financial instruments issued by a foreign company listed on a market regulated by European Union and not present on Bucharest regulated market, the Central Depository was once again requested to carry out a similar operation. It is a very important foreign company – Deutsche Borse AG – whose shares are listed at own quote”, said Adriana Tanasoiu, managing director of the institution.

The first transaction with OMF financial instruments into RoClear system was conducted by brokerage house Estinvest.

The record of the financial instruments issued by Deutsche Borse into the system administrated by Central Depository was possible due to the cross-boarders links made by the Romanian institution with 16 countries, among which Germany.