“After the first session of voucher submissions for car makers and dealers under third stage of car scrappage scheme, only 2,882 cars were sold”, said the institution.

The number of cars sold under the Clunkers program is pretty low, despite Ministry of Environment’s attempt to extend the category of car buyers qualified for the program, by passing a law by which a car owner can benefit of up to three scrappage vouchers. Vehicles weighing at below 3.5tons can be purchased also through bank loan or financial leasing.

On Friday, the former minister of environment, Nicolae Nemirschi recommended to interim minister Elena Udrea to continue running the Clunkers scheme.

According to data provided by AFM, the second stage of Clunkers program was less successful than the first stage, as only 9,649 cars were taken out of circulation, less than half of the program’s limit. In the first stage, 11,543 were withdrawn of the 20,000 available.

For the third stage of the car scrappage scheme, to be carried between September 1 and December 11, AFM said 28,529 cars were available, and the total amount allotted by the Fund exceeded €108.4 million.