The CHP plant in Romania is the first of 15 low-energy plants that the bottler plans to build in 12 countries. The plants will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 20% at 80 of Coca-Cola’s bottling plants.

The total investment in the 2,700sqm eco-friendly unit amounts to €30 million and will create nine new jobs.

The company plans to open a new plant in the vicinity of its Timisoara factory by 2010. Once fully operational, the unit will have a production capacity of 6megawatts while the one in Timisoara 9megawatts.

The CHP plant was built in partnership with US company ContourGlobal. The bottler has also opened a fully-automated warehouse that can store up to 60% of the bottler’s total output in Romania.

The maximum storage capacity is 35,000 pallets. The warehouse has 50 employees. Coca-Cola HBC Romania said recently it would shut down its bottling plant from Iasi.