Banca Carpatica in crisis?

Virgil Stoenescu, member of the board of National Bank of Romania, has caused panic through a series of remarks to the financial situation of Banca Carpatica. Contacted by Wall-Street, businessman Ilie Carabulea, the head of the bank has severely criticized the statements of NBR official.

Stoenescu: “Do you have idea about the problems at Carpatica?”

Virgil Stoenescu (photo)
was asked during Tuesday hearings for a new term at the board of NBR by a member of the parliament about the “necessity of a state-owned bank designed to support the industry and agriculture”, and whether he would deem the establishment of an industrial bank as necessary.

Stoenescu replied, saying “I’ve always raised the issue at the NBR board meeting, namely that NBR should go a little beyond its statutory authority”.

“NBR’s main objective is to maintain price stability, but me and Florin Georgescu, we have always raised these issues, and the others were taking a dig at us: however, an industrial policy, Romanian industry has its own tradition (…) We have raised the issue of an industrial and agricultural policy”, said Stoenescu.

“Of course, we should have state-owned banks. (…) You can’t fully trust the real economy, but the guarantees issue doesn’t arise here. Do you have any idea about the problems Banca Carpatica is facing?”

Carabulea: Stoenescu’s remarks are reckless, the bank still generates profit

Ilie Carabulea, the head of Banca Comerciala Carpatica denied allegations from Virgil Stoenescu. He told Wall-Street that “Banca Carpatica had no problems so far”.

“How could there be any problem at a bank that has raised its capital by €7mln given the high exchange rates? Banca Comerciala Carpatica had a profit of 1.5 million lei in September. So could there be any problems with a bank that still generates profit? How many banks still make profit in these times?” said the majority shareholder of BCC, Ilie Carabulea.

The head of the bank also said the bank’s financial results were audited, and therefore, it was clearly the current situation of the bank was stable.

“I don’t understand to which extent Virgil Stoenescu would be familiar with the bank’s situation. I, as a holder of 60% of the bank, only heard of good results…”, Carabulea said, adding that Stoenescu’s remarks were completely reckless.

On October 1, the board of the bank appointed Nicolae Hoanta as managing director. The decisions made by the bank’s administrators are to be approved in November 14 shareholders meeting.

Recently, Banca Comerciala Carpatica completed capital raising, after which the bank raised some 26.82 mln lei. The move is aimed at providing the bank with increased resilience to macroeconomic and systemic shocks.

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