Only a third of Romanian students prefer a job in their home country

More than 36% of Romanian students would accept a job offer abroad, a recent survey conducted by Continental AG and TNS Infratest.

Amid a global financial crisis, in 2009, 43% of Romanian students said they would accept a job offer in a West-European country, 7.9% would leave to another continent, while only 5% would prefer a Eastern European country.

However, Romanian students would accept a job offer abroad for personal development or experience. 56% of the respondents said they go abroad for better pay, 17.4% for good work environment and 9.6% for higher living standard.

Students prioritize more a job in Romania now compared to 2007, when only 26% Romanian students would have switched a job in Romania with another one abroad.

Surprisingly, the majority of Romanian students are even more confident as regards their future career prospects now, the majority of Romanian students are even more confident as regards their future career prospects now, than they were in the past. Job security has moved up considerably in the rankings. The average commitment to a company is from one to three years, but a larger percentage of students can imagine working longer than ten years for the same employer.

“The euphoric estate generated by the rapid economic growth in the last few years might still be very much present in the minds of the Romanians, making it more difficult for them to cope with sudden change. However, a more mature mindset has established itself, no more ‘job hopping’; students want to stay longer at the same company, with job security now up¬permost in their minds”, Dr. Aurora Liiceanu, PhD psychologist underlined.

Over three quarters of the students consider practical experience as the main condition for getting a good job, followed by knowledge of foreign languages (63%). Equally important are a master’s degree / MBA and good graduation marks (39.3%), but 35.5% also mention “having the right connections”.

398 (40%) of the Romanian students consider the size of the company of no importance for their career, while 26.4% would prefer to work for a middle-sized company and 22% for a global player.

More than half of the students (58.2%) would leave their home town and take a job in another city in Romania. In the ranking, Bucharest is considered the city with the highest career prospects (41.4%), well ahead of Timişoara (16.8%), Sibiu (12.8%), Brasov (10.5%) and Iasi (4%).

Continental AG and TNS Infratest queried around 1,000 students in Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and Sibiu. Over 220 students were majoring in engineering, 392 in economics and 415 in the natural sciences.

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