“The paper is aimed at effecting a complete and efficient transition from analogue UHF TV broadcasting to DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting –Terrestrial), and full interruption of analogue emissions by January 1, 2012”, according to a press release of the Ministry.

For the transition to take place, it has been devised a complete blueprint that provides, in the first stage, the allocation of two of the six multiplexes by December 31, 2009.

By the end of next year, at least 60% of the population and 50% territory will be covered by the two multiplexes, following to increase to 80% and 70% by June 31, 2011. On December 31, 2011 the DVB-T will be able to reach a coverage of 90% of the population and 80% of the territory, as on January 1, 2012, any terrestrial analogue broadcasting within the UHF spectrum allocated to digital broadcasting will cease.