Author of LaDorna brand makes his way back into mineral water market

Jean Valvis, who sold in 2002 the bottled water brand Dorna to Coca-Cola and milk brand LaDorna to Lactalis, will make his way back into mineral water market with a new brand – Aqua Carpatica – in which he invested €12.5mln.
Jean Valvis (photo) started in September this year the construction of a Greenfield project, 20km away from Vatra Dornei. For starters, the production facility that has created 50 jobs will put out 100mln bottles per annum.

Four reasons determined the Greek-born businessman to reconsider the Romanian mineral water market as a reliable investment target.

“First of all, the outstanding quality of the spring. Second of all, the growth potential of mineral water market. In Romania, per capita consumption of bottled mineral water is 130 liters. I also see many brands of carbonated drinks, and many of them change their taste but don’t have constancy”, Jean Valvis told Wall-Street.

Aqua Carpatica premium brand will be launched in 2010 both in the local and international markets in PET packaging and glass bottles.

Valvis added he targets a market share of 10% with Aqua Carpatica brand in the coming two years and a two-fold increase in share by 2014.

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