Traian Basescu proposes Lucian Croitoru for PM chair

Romanian President Traian Basescu named earlier today Lucian Croitoru, the current adviser to the NBR governor, for the government leadership.

President Traian Basescu said today that the nomination he had made meets political parties’ expectations who urged for a designated leader of the government.

Basescu added that the impression that emerged had been that of a professional, and that the nomination meets the parties’ urge for a prime minister familiar to economic issues. “But certainly, he would need all the support from the parties”, said Basescu.

As PSD, PNL, UDMR, PC and minorities have proposed Klaus Johannis for the Prime Minister chair, Basescu also came up with another solution: a technocrat and a Government formed of politicians from more parties, to remain in office until the presidential elections.

The President’s offer is aimed at being a starting point for the future negotiations between PDL/Basescu and the new majority in Parliament.

“Thank you for all the confidence you have in me. I assure you I will do anything in my power to complete the mandate”, said Lucian Croitoru.

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