Parker Lewis expects to grow its local business to EUR4mln in 2010

Parker Lewis consultant aims at increasing its turnover to four million euro next year, after the investment in launching operations in Romania cost around one million euro, according to Dan Ionascu, head of Parker Lewis office in Romania.

For the time being, we have 20 employees, including the offices in the country (e.n Timisoara, Galati, Constanta, and Iasi), but we are still recruiting. For next year, we expect our business to grow to 4 mln euro”, Dan Ionascu (photo) told Wall-Street.

The initial investment in launching operations in Romania, Ionascu continued, hovers near one million euro. Parker Lewis provides property valuation lease advisory and review and corporate advisory services.

The company has operations in United Kingodm, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Israel and France.

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