Financial crisis Romanians top concern

Six out of ten Romanians cited the economic crisis as the biggest challenge developing countries are currently facing, while in EU, the biggest concern is poverty, according to a Eurobarometer survey published by the European Commission.
Romania ranks first in the European Union according to the level of anxiety about the economic stability. On second it is Latvia with 54% votes, and Bulgaria with 52%.

The second biggest concern is poverty, with 55% of Romanians citing it as their biggest concern. One in two Europeans sees poverty as the greatest challenge faced by developing countries, placing it above the economic and food crisis (35%), “Development Aid in times of economic turmoil survey found”.

The third biggest challenge as cited by Europeans is food crisis (27%), while in Romania food crisis ranks fourth (17%) after poor governance (18%).

Around 90% of Europeans still believe development is important (82% of Romanians) and 72% of them are in favor of honoring or going beyond existing aid commitments to the developing world, even under current economic crisis.

“The survey reveals clearly that citizens expect their governments and European Commission to make efforts to bring funds to support the development. Even under current economic crisis, they call for EU Member States to honor their commitments to increase development aid up to €69 bln in order to meet the value proposed for the middle of the period set forth in the Millennium Development Goals”, said European commissioner for development Karel De Gucht.

A large majority of European citizens (61%) feel that Europe can positively contribute to the debate on global development

The majority of Romanians and Cypriots (47%) said European Union was the best placed to help poor people to develop, averaging at 26% in EU.

Around two out of three Europeans cite self-interested motivations for giving aid (64%), namely trade, terrorism, migration and political relations with third countries. 42% of Europeans (41 Romanians) argue for more media coverage of development issues.

Around three quarters (74%) of the Europeans never heard of Millennium Development Goals, but the share fell from 80% in 2007.

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