EDP Renovaveis opens wind farm in Romania

Portuguese-based EDP Renováveis announced its plans to erect a wind farm in Medgidia, Romania, which is expected to power up operations by mid next year. The project would have an installed capacity of 90 megawatts, which would bring the total costs to around €100 million, said the managing director of consultancy firm Wind Expert, Andreea Vatra.

“The wind farm will start generating electricity by mid next year. It has 30 turbines acquired from Danish-based Vestas. The construction of the wind farm kicked-off in July this year. The foundation has been built, and turbines are stored in the country and abroad”, said Andreea Vatra.

EDP Renováveis has other projects under construction, such as a 138megawatts wind farm in Cernavoda, and several wind-powered projects of 500 megawatts in the south-east part of the country, currently in different construction stages that will start operating within the next three years.

The costs of constructing a wind-powered electricity generator hover near €1.3-1.5mln.

“Other investors have expressed their interest in this type of projects, but abandoned their plans due to the stiff legislation and green certificate system in Romania. This is how legislation can drive away billion euro investments, new jobs and developments in infrastructure”, said the managing director of Wind Expert.

Andreea Vatra added that a 300megawatts offshore wind farm in the Black Sea is on the pipeline. For the time being, feasibility studies are conducted.

Majority shareholder of EDP Renováveis is the Portuguese-based EDP. EDP operates in the production, distribution and generation of electricity and natural gas in Portugal and Spain.

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