The innovation rests in the fact that it will be the first stock-oriented closed-end fund in Romania with periodic redemptions, the first capital raise being scheduled for the following weeks, as soon as it is approved by the Romanian National Securities Commission.

“The target portfolio is a combination between exposure on the Eastern Europe’s recovery, including Romania and on the growth regions in Asia and Latin America, Brazil to be more exact. On these markets, the exposure will be indirect, and it will be given via indexes or ETFs. We want to bring our clients the opportunity of current growths and recoveries to come”, said Cristian Tudorescu.

The launch of the fund stems from the need to find a balance between the confirmation of global economic recovery prospects and the medium to long term potential of the stock market, he continued.

“We chose a closed-end fund, with periodic redemptions because we want focus on a certain capital, with low risks at withdrawals or fluctuations”, said Tudorescu.