Geoana said he had recommended Croitoru to “stand away from the political charade”.

Mircea Geoana and Ludovic Orban said the three political parties and minorities group would send a letter to President Traian Basescu to ask him to reconsider his proposition and initiate negotiations for the nomination of Klaus Johannis for Prime Minister.

The designated Prime Minister, Lucian Croitoru said he tried to convince the leaders of the opposition on his candidateship for the PM office, and that he remained open to further talks with these parties.

Lucian Croitoru has also held talks with a number of economists, such as Laurian Lungu, Valentin Lazea, Lucian Albu, Gheorghe Oprescu, Aurel Dochia on the current situation of the Romanian economy.

“We’ve also talked to several economists on the opportunity to take office in the Government, and some haven’t declined the invitation”, said Croitoru.