RBS launches mobile phone banking service

RBS Romania has launched a new service for tracking RBS cash or debit card for a certain account via mobile phone - Phone Banking – that will enable clients stay in touch with their personal finances and conduct banking transactions, by calling RBS Call Center.

The new service is destined to retail clients and will be available around the clock, the clients having to call the RBS Call Center to make the transaction. Further details on the use of the service are available at RBS Call Center, on the bank’s webpage or at its outlets.

The new Phone Banking service allows RBS clients access to their accounts, enables them to conduct money transfer transactions, make payments, open or close deposits, exchange currency, open or close current accounts and different other transactions.

“What we want is to develop products and services that would provide mobility to our clients and the possibility of choosing the best way to manage their time and money. The process started a few years ago by the development of alternative payment channels”, said Haris Hanif, retail director of RBS Romania.

A recent RBS survey found that six in ten Romanians are not satisfied with their free time, most of them saying they have less and less time to spend the way they want.

RBS Romania began operations in Romania on November 1995. The group is present in 15 cities across the country through 31 outlets, 3 of which are specialized Royal Preferred Banking units.

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