The sales growth has been largely driven by the reduction of netbook price, the development of the technology towards full-featured laptops, and by the broadening of the offer for this type of products.

“Netbooks have been the only products in our computer offer that recorded a 30% increase in sales, in a market that had 10% growth in this category. The attractive price, portability and the diversified offer have been the primary factors that lifted our sales, in a market that at year-end is expected to shrink 60% year-over-year”, said Zdenek Kustka, sales director Flamingo International.

Another trend observed to date was consumers’ shift from desktop computers to notebooks, which sent desktop computer sales 80% below year-ago levels.

“We expect netbooks to be one of the few segments that will return double-digit growth next year. We also expect the notebook segment to perform better next year, due to the need of buying this type of products, but also to the price cut driven by the natural technological development”, Kustka added.

In the first half 2009, the retail group reported revenues down 50% year-on-year to 190 mln lei (€44.9 mln) and expects a turnover of 260 mln lei (around €60 mln) for the remainder of the year.