Lucian Croitoru reveals choices for Cabinet ministers

Designated Prime Minister Lucian Croitoru has made public today his choices for cabinet ministers, a government that will go before the Parliament for the vote of confidence.
“I have decided to make an admission of liability of fulfilling the mandate that was given to me by the President of Romania”, said Lucian Croitoru, adding he held meetings with all the parties.

“It is only a myth that in Romania, the fiscal instability can be corrected by the National Bank of Romania. I want to assure everybody that I would make all efforts to bring solutions to the country’s current problems”.

Lucian Croitoru’s Cabinet ministers

Gheorghe Pogea: Minister of Finance

Emeric Florin Saghi: Minister of Interior

Bogdan Aurescu: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Adrian Videanu: Minister of Economy and Trade

Daniel Funeriu: Minister of Education

Vasile Blaga: Minister of Regional Development and Travel

Mihai Seitan: Minister of Labor

Mihai Stanisoara: Minister of Defense

Catalin Predoiu: Minister of Justice

Adrian Radulescu: Minister of Agriculture

Cristian Vladescu: Minister of Health

Teodor Paleologu: Minister of Culture

Sulfina Barbu: Minister of Environment.

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