Fitch said the country’s Gross Domestic Product was likely to grow by 4% in 2011.

The agency’s forecasts for 2009 is slightly more optimistic than Prognosis Commission’s view, who sees a 7.7% economic contraction this year, and also than IMF’s who expects Romania’s economy to contract 8-8.5%.

Last year, Romania’s GDP was +7.1%. The report also indicates that the country’s budget gap will hover near 7% of GDP this year, according to the local calculation standards, versus 4.9% of GDP last year.

For 2010, Fitch expects Romania’s budget gap to be around 4.5% of GDP.

Romanian authorities, IMF and European Commission agreed on a deficit of 7.3% of GDP and 5.9% of GDP for next year.

Fitch Ratings projects Romania’s general government debt at 30.1% of GDP this year, at a wide margin from 21.5% last year. For 2010, the agency expects 34.2% government debt.