Economic confidence rises in EU, remains unchanged in Romania

The index that measures confidence in Romanian economy remained in October at the same level as a month earlier, while in European Union, the indicator rose by 3.4 percentage points, the European Commission said Thursday.
In October, the economic sentiment indicator remained at 62.2 percentage points in Romania, much below the European Union, where the index rose to 86.0. The improvement in October is the seventh consecutive increase in both series since the trough of March 2009.

The services confidence indicator fell 2 percentage points while consumer confidence remained at the same level. Industry sentiment rose by 1 point, while retail trade fell 10 percentage points from September.

In EU, economic sentiment indicator rose in October, while services remained unchanged and consumer confidence increased by 2. Industry sentiment rose by 4, construction increased by 1, while trade fell 1 compared to the previous month.

In the euro area, the economic sentiment indicator increased in Italy (+3.8 points), Germany (+3.4% points) and UK (+3.2 points).

In EU, the confidence is at its highest level in Sweden (96.9 points) and in Denmark (93.7 points), and at the lowest in Slovenia (59.8 points) and Cyprus (57.7 points), according to the regular harmonized survey conducted by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs.

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