Hraben Suknaic, Google: We havenĺt abandoned plans to open office in Romania

Hraben Suknaic, Google's Regional Manager for Adriatics, Romania & Bulgaria, said plans of opening an office in Romania haven’t been abandoned, but the ideas wouldn’t be put into action in the near future.
Present at the fourth edition of RoNewMedia, Hraben Suknaic said Romania was an important market for Google due to its development potential and the fair amount of success Google products have enjoyed in the local market.

“We have invested in Romania over the past few years, and we will continue investing, we will roll out new products in the local market in the near future and we haven’t abandoned plans of opening office here. However, we will not rush into anything yet, but the market requests it and we are seriously considering this option”, said Suknaic (photo).

He also stressed the importance of a joint activity in the online environment in order to develop the medium. “All players must acknowledge the importance of the online environment. We must all join our forces to develop the online now and not a few years from now”.

Amelia Cretu, agency relationship manager Google AdWords Romania said that only now “agencies in Romania begin to think in terms of performance […] I am convinced that we need to find a way to encourage agencies to promote performance and efficiency marketing”.

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