Seitan: Unpaid furloughs could be taken in the last months of the year

The unpaid furlough days could be given to civil servants in November and December, after the enactment of the Law on the reorganization of public institution, thus reducing the number of public sector workers relative to the days left in the current calendar year, secretary of state Mihai Seitan said.

After talks with the leaders of public institutions addressing public payroll cuts, the secretary of state said there were several options: the cut in work hours, unpaid leave or a mixture between the two.

Given the delay in the reinforcement of the bill, state budget savings could stand below the initial forecasts of 1.6 billion lei.

As for the reorganization of government agencies, Seitan said normative acts addressing the organization of each institution must be revised. A part of these normative acts are Government Decisions and can be amended by the Government in office through Government Decisions as well.

A sacked government can only issue Government Decisions. It doesn’t have the power to adopt ordinances or approve a draft of law.

According to the law addressing the reorganization of public authorities and institutions, the containment of public spending, backing the business environment as well as meeting the conditionality of the IMF and EC under the aid deal, for which the Government has assumed liability before the Parliament, the public institution have the obligation to reduce public payroll by 15.5% in average on a monthly basis. Cost reduction can be achieved also through 10-day unpaid leave during October December 2009.

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