GfK launches market research project in Second Life

GfK Romania is the first market research company to launch a project in Virtual Bucharest, on the social networking platform, Second Life.

The company has established this first focus group in order to find out the opinions, attitudes, motivation, expectations and lifestyle of Second Life visitors.

Virtual Bucharest is a tridimensional replication of the city in the virtual realms and is aimed at brining the Romanian community between its borders. Large international companies have already carried out marketing activities in this medium – conferences, life concerts, live contests.

The first focus group in Second Life is part of a unique and comprehensive qualitative research project that looks at the lifestyle of young Romanians aged 15-22. For this project, GfK Romania used a qualitative research tool mix: classical focus groups, forum chats, and the virtual focus group among Second Life visitors, where the host and respondents have met and talked exclusively in this medium, transposed in the conference space in Virtual Bucharest.

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