Negoita announces his choices for Cabinet ministers

The new prime minister designate, Liviu Negoita has drawn up the list of ministers, which largely contains the same names proposed by his predecessor, Lucian Croitoru.

Negoita’s propositions:

Ministry of Transportation – Radu Berceanu

Ministry of Finance – Gheorghe Pogea

Ministry of Economy and Trade – Adriean Videanu

Ministry of Justice – Catalin Predoiu

Ministry of Education – Daniel Funeriu

Ministry of Culture – Theodor Paleologu

Ministry of Labor – Mihai Seitan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Gabriel Oprea

Ministry of Agriculture – Valeriu Tabara

Ministry of Defense – Mihai Stanisoara

Ministry of Development and Tourism – Vasile Blaga

Ministry of Environment – Sulfina Barbu

Ministry of Health – Anton Cristian Irimie

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