Inflation rate drops to lowest in two years

Romania annual inflation rate dropped in October to 4.3%, as consumer prices increased 0.44% from September, led by services and non-food products, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics.

This is the lowest rate for Romania since July 2007, when annual consumer price index stood at 3.99%.

In September, the annual inflation rate was 4.94%.

Consumer prices increased by 0.44% in October compared with previous months, as services price growth averaged 0.94% while non-food commodities increased by 0.15%, INS data show.

The biggest price increase was observed in the tenth month for: eggs (4.96%), vegetables and canned vegetables (3.03%), cinema, theaters, education expenses and travel (2.51%), tobacco, milk, books, newspapers and magazines (1.20% each) and fuels (1.06%).

As for non-food products, apart from tobacco, books, newspapers, magazines and fuels, leather footwear increased above the 0.5% average. Heat prices increased by 0.29% from previous month. Cars and car parts, as well as medication decreased 0.16% and 0.2% respectively.

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