Electricity demand depends on the strategy of large consumers

Electricity demand in Romania is expected to remain at 2009 level this year, but it will largely depend on the strategy of large electricity consumers, according to the National Energy Regulation Authority (ANRE).
“In a prudent scenario, electricity consumption will remain at 2009 level this year. However, it is difficult to make predictions amid an economic downturn. It also to be noted that next year’s electricity demand will largely depend on the strategy of large power consumers, namely the industry and factories”, said the director of ANRE, Viorel Alicus.

Electricity consumption remained 9% below year-ago levels to date, he continued, same as in first half of the year, due to the economic crisis. By the end of the year, the decline in electricity demand will not exceed 10%.

The country’s natural gas demand fell in the six months ending June 30 by 20% due to economic crisis, ANRE said recently.

ANRE is a state-owned agency that regulates the transmission of electricity, natural gas and heat energy across the country under fair, transparent and efficient conditions for consumers.

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