VW: Commercial vehicle market to plummet 60% in 2009

Commercial vehicle market will fall sharply this year, by around 60% to 16,000 units, Eugen Grigoras, brand manager VW Commercial Vehicle told Wall-Street.

“After the first ten months, the commercial vehicle market suffered a 65% decline. However, the rate may slow down in the last two months, but at year-end, it will stand 60% below year-ago levels. This year 13,000 commercial vehicles were sold, and we expect 16,000 at year-end”, said Grigoras.

VW Commercial Vehicles has a market share of 11.2% in Romania.

“In commercial vehicle segment, VW had a market share of 11.2% at the end of October. We hope similar results for the end of the year, as well as for 2010. Last year, VW’s commercial vehicle division had 9% share”, Grigoras added.

VW sold 1,450 cars in the first ten months, and year-end target is of 18,000.

VW Commercial Vehicle rolled out the new VW Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan, for which the company expects sales of 400-450 units in 2010.

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