FIC sector finishes up 0.050%. Investors on hold

The Bucharest Stock Exchange traded sideways today, and finished slightly lower than yesterday, while the FIC sector (BSE:SIF) managed to eke out 0.50% gain near the session’s close, in a liquidity at the lowest level in four months, as investors wait for a catalyst.

The stock market liquidity fell Thursday to the lowest level of the past four months, of 5.78 million lei (€1.35 million), 36% shorter than yesterday’s level of 9.13 million lei (€2.13 million). 101 state securities worth 1 million lei changed hands today in the fixed-income securities market.

“In think investors preferred to take a wait-and-see approach, given the low liquidity. For the moment, the strong correlation between our stock market and foreign indices has weakened”, said Razvan Pasol, chairman of Intercapital Invest.

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most liquid stocks at the BSE finished down 0.05% to 4,831.98 points, while the composite BET-C dropped 0.09% to 2,799.26.

BET-FI index of the five financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) closed 0.49% higher to 22,597.27 points, while Vienna Stock Exchange’s ROTX fell 0.15% to 10,129.46 points.

BET-XT index that measures the performance of the 25 most liquid shares rose 0.04% to 464.74, and BET-NG of the energy companies listed at BSE edged up 0.37% to 614.24 points.

European stock markets pulled back slightly at BSE’s closing by the food sector, as Danone cut its sales forecast. At the London Stock Exchange, FTSE index of leading 100 shares was down 0.49% to 5,315.89 points while Germany’s DAX suffered a 0.48% decline to 5,759.85. Paris’ CAC40 edged down 0.65% to 3,803.27 points.

FIC Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) has led the most traded stock chart today, with shares worth 810,400 lei changing hands, as prices remained flat at 1.19 lei. FIC Moldova (BSE:FIC2) remained at 1.05 lei, in a liquidity of 504,250 lei.

Transactions with Rompetrol Rafinare (BSE: RRC) totaled 591,400 lei while share prices climbed 2.18% to 0.0703. Amonil Slobozia (BSE:AMO) increased by 6.64% to 0.0225 lei in a liquidity of 367,700 lei.

In financial sector, Banca Transilvania (BSE: TLV) remained at 2.13 lei, after shares worth 522,200 lei changed hands. Erste Bank shares (BSE:EBS) dropped 0.31% to 128 lei after 539,350 lei trades. BRD SocGen closed 0.73% lower, at 13.60 lei in a liquidity of 373,400 lei.

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