Basescu and Geoana make it to the second round of the presidential elections

Traian Basescu got most votes in the first round of the presidential elections (32.8 percent) and was closely followed by the social-democrat leader Mircea Geoana, with 31.7 percent, according to the Insomar exit-poll, ordered by Realitatea TV.

The liberal Crin Antonescu ranked third, with 21.8 percent of the votes, according to the same poll, NewsIn states.

Basescu is also the leader of the elections in the CURS exit-poll, ordered by TVR, with 33.72 percent. He is followed by Mircea Geoana with 31.44 percent and Crin Antonescu with 21.53 percent.

The CCSB exit-poll ordered by Antena 3 indicates Traian Basescu received 34.1 percent of Romanians' votes, while Geoana and Antonescu got 30.9 percent, respectively 22.1 percent.

The exit-poll ordered by B1 TV and Vox News shows Basescu ahead of Geoana and Antonescu, with 33.2 percent of the votes, while the other two got 30.3 percent and 22 percent of Romanians' votes.

Most Romanians agree on unicameral Parliament

About 85.4 percent of those who voted at the national referendum held with the presidential elections agreed to slash the number of parliamentary to 300, and 76.5 percent of them said “yes” for unicameral Parliament, according to the Insomar exit-poll, ordered by Realitatea TV.
The results are calculated according to the data gathered by 7 p.m.

According to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), 46.84 percent of the Romanians with voting rights went to the polls by 7 p.m.
To validate the referendum, a voting presence of more than 50 percent is required.

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