Partial results: Basescu leads in first round by 3.67%

After counting votes from 48.1% polling stations, incumbent president Traian Basescu leads in the first round by 3.67% with 32.84% votes, with Geoana close behind with 29.17%. Liberal leader Crin Antonescu took third with 20.87% votes, the Central Electoral Bureau said.

4,663,475 eligible voters participated in the first round of Romania’s presidential elections. PRM leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor took fourth with 5.39%, at slim margin from Kelemen Hunor (UDMR) with 4.57%.

Independent candidate Sorin Oprescu took 3.48% after partial count while George Becali 1.85%.

The other candidates took less than 1%: Remus Cerneac- 0.64%, Constantin Rotaru – 0.42%; Eduard Manole – 0.37%, Ovidiu Iane - 0.24%, Ninel Potarca – 0.2%.

According to all four polling institutes, Geoana increased slightly in the last two voting hours, to more than 30%, close to Traian Basescu.

The slightest difference between the two candidates was indicated by Insomar polling institute of 1.6%, and the biggest by CCSB, of 3.6%.

CURS polling institute indicated a 2.4% difference at 21:00 and CSOP-IRES of 3.3%. In all exit-polls, Crin Antonescu was on third, at wide margin from Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana, with 22% votes.

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