CEC Bank issues first EMV chip card

CEC will issue chip cards and will launch new payment services via its ATM network and points of sale.

By issuing new chip cards, CEC Bank will thus be able to diversify services to clients, by uploading different applications, such as loyalty points, electronic wallet functions, and others.

Card products of the bank will be shifted to microprocessor at the expiry dates, the bank said.

As for the payment acceptance service, it has been designed for economic agents who would be able to clear through CEC Bank products sales and services. The bank will also offer card acceptance equipment and will practice personalized fees depending on the activity profile of each retailer.

CEC Bank’s network counts 1,342 units, offering cash withdrawal services both at its agencies and through the 810 cash dispensers. At October 30, the bank had a portfolio of 753,471 active cards, 704,572 of them debit cards and 48,899 credit cards.

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