First victim of swine flu in Romania

The man who died at the hospital in Iasi, diagnosed with swine flu and admitted to the hospital suffered a cardiac arrest, as the underlying health issues complicated his condition. Romania reported ten cases of severe swine flu, with five patients being hooked to ventilators.

All the ten persons who developed a more virulent form of swine flue are admitted to the hospital in Iasi, according to the state secretary with the Ministry of Health, Adrian Streinu-Cercel.

Chronic diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes affect the blood vessels, which trigger virulent forms of swine flu.

At this point, 1, 966 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Romania, 45 of them over the last 24 hours.

A 43-year-old man from Siret died at the hospital in Iasi, where he was admitted on November 15. He was transferred to the hospital in Radauti, Cantacuzino Institute and on Monday morning his death was confirmed.

The patient was infected with the pandemic AH1N1 virus. His condition deteriorated due to underlying health issues caused by overweight and diabetes, state secretary Adrian Streinu-Cercel said on Monday.

He added the members of the family didn’t show so far any symptom of swine flu.

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