Romanian-based fertilizer producer Azomures (ticker: AZO) said it would challenge in court the decision of the National Guard for the Environment to impose a fine of 80,000lei for higher-than-permitted ammonia emissions, citing disregard to weather conditions when the measurements were carried out.
“The evaluation of ammonia emission abatement carried out by Environmental Protection Agency (AMP Mures) during November 19 and 22 was conducted under heavy fog conditions which hindered the dispersion of air pollutants, a fact confirmed by environmental authorities as well”, Azomures said in a release.

“Given the fact that the measurements carried out by our company and by AMP Mures differ substantially, our company will dispute the fine in court”, the company said.

The board of the National Guard for the Environment said it imposed an 80,000lei fine to Azomures, after being notified by the Environmental Protection Agency of excess ammonia detected in three successive days.

“Azomures failed to meet the regulations on ammonia emissions limits, which entailed a penalty of 80,000 lei”, said the environmental commissioner, Dana Burdeti.

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