BCR redeems 242.83 mln lei-bonds issued in 2006

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) will redeem a series of leu-denominated bonds worth 242.83 million lei issued in 2006 and will pay the redemption amount for the sixth coupon rate of 3.65lei/bond, the bank said in a release.
Holders of corporate bonds issued by Banca Comerciala Romana benefited of a fixed coupon rate of 7.25% per year. The interest for the sixth coupon period (May 28 – November 27) is 3.65lei/bond.

The bank will disburse the bond redemption amounts as of November 30.

The bonds issued by Banca Comerciala Romana are listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange since March 2007 and are mature on November 28. The total value of the bonds issuing was 242.83 million lei. BCR issued three years ago 2.43 million bonds with a face value of 100 lei.

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