The official exchange rate posted today by the National Bank of Romania was 4.2733lei/euro.

The local currency lost ground in the morning from 4.29 to 4.3010lei/euro. After 9:40EET, the exchange rate fell markedly to 4.28lei/euro, and hovered near this level afterwards.

Leu’s regional peers followed a downtrend similarly. The Polish zloty fell initially from 4.16 to 4.1950units/euro, and climbed back to 4.1870zloty/euro. The Hungarian forint edged down from 273 to 274.90 forints/euro and bounced back to 272.40forints/euro.

The official RON/USD exchange rate posted by the central bank increased by around 1.23% today to 2.8691 from Thursday’s 2.8342lei/dollar rate.