Of all the 1,500 investors within Raiffeisen Euro Plus portfolio, 70% are natural persons with an average holding of €22,000.

“Clients’ interest in Raiffeisen Euro Plus is natural, given the fact that euro is the saving currency of choice in Romania, with approximately 40% of Romanians’ savings in the bank system are denominated in euro, notwithstanding the exchange rates”, said Mihail Ion, president of Raiffeisen Asset Management.

For the time being, 50% of the fund’s assets under management are invested in T-notes and fx-denominated state bonds, including the latter two issuing of the Ministry of Finance in November 2009.

“Our asset allocation algorithm picks the asset mix that maximizes the return and performance of the fund and reflects the conservative approach to financial planning”, the president of Raiffeisen Asset Management added.

SAI Raiffeisen Management is the second largest asset management company in Romania, with assets under custody of over 935 million lei.