In today’s trading of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, liquidity shrank modestly on Wednesday to 33.25 million lei (€7.83 million) from 40.46 million lei (€9.52 million) yesterday.

“The transactions with Banca Transilvania shares prompted investors to increase exposure on equities, and spurred old rumors surrounding the acquisition of the Romanian bank by a foreign financial institution”, a broker told NewsIn.

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most liquid stocks at the BSE finished up 2.53% to 4,906.92 points, while the composite BET-C climbed 2.04% to 2,816.70.

BET-FI index of the five financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) closed 2.49% higher to 24,769.24points, while Vienna Stock Exchange’s ROTX rose 2.75% to 10,189.93 points.

“FIC shares responded to the TLV shares hike, climbing to new highs, as a buying pressure was already pushing shares up, on speculations over a final decision on the equity holding limit at financial investment companies”.

BET-XT index that measures the performance of the 25 most liquid shares closed 2.66% higher to 484.30 points and BET-NG of the energy companies listed at BSE gained 1.10% to 595.77 points.

Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) has led the most traded stock chart today, after heavy transactions at the end of the trade pushed prices 5.26% up to 2.40 lei. Around 0.3% of the bank’s share capital changed hands today.

Erste Bank (BSE:EBS) generated a liquidity of 3.07 million lei, as shares moved 1.32% higher at closing to 115 lei. BRD SocGen shares (BSE:BRD) jumped 2.21% to 13.90 lei in a liquidity of 1.59 million lei.

5.4 mln lei worth of FIC Oltenia shares (BSE:SIF5) changed hands today, pushing prices up 2.33% to 1.32lei while FIC Moldova (BSE:FIC2) moved 1.72% higher to 1.18lei, in a liquidity of 4.66million lei.

In the energy sector, transactions with Rompetrol Rafinare shares (BSE:RRC) totaled 672,255 lei, while shares fell 0.67% to 0.0596lei. Petrom (BSE:SNP) rose 3.19% to 0.2590lei in a liquidity of 866,849lei.