President Traian Basescu nominates Emil Boc for second PM term

President Traian Basescu said today he nominated Emil Boc for Prime Minister chair, the leader of PD-L.

“I’ve noticed that certain parties are still in political campaigns, and others are having some internal problems”, said Basescu after consultations with the parties.

The president said he considered the proposition made by PDL, adding that what the country needed was to sort out its number one priority, that to form a government and to adopt the 2010 budget.

A government must be sworn in by December 23 to adopt the budget and get back on track to meet the loan conditions agreed with the International Monetary Fund.

He added that Boc was a “person open to suggestions, a man who has assumed the responsibility of putting difficult solutions and measures in place in order to meet IMF conditionality”.

The president asked the leader of center-right PDL to hold consultations with the political parties on the minister that will be part of CSAT.

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