In 2008, the country of origin of 37% of the foreign citizens residing in a European Union country was a EU Member State, according to data provided by Eurostat.

The largest groups came from Romania with 1.7million emigrants, namely 15% of total number of foreign citizens from another EU Member State. Romania is followed by Italy with 1.3 million emigrants or 11%, and Poland with 1.2 million citizens or 11%.

Among the citizens of countries outside the European Union, the largest groups were from Turkey (2.4 million), Morocco (1.7 million), and Albania (1 million).

According to Eurostat, the highest percentage of Romanian citizens in the population was found in Spain (734,800), Italy (625,300) and Hungary (65,000).

In terms of foreign citizens residing in Romania, Romania takes up the last position, with less than 0.1% share of foreign citizens in total population in 2008. Thus, 6,000 citizens coming from another EU Member State and another 20,000 citizens coming from a non-EU country were living in Romania.

Apart from Romania, other countries with the lowest percentage of foreign citizens in total population are Bulgaria – 24,000 or 0.3%, Poland – 58,000 and Slovakia – 41,000.

Top countries to emigrate to have been Germany – 7.3 million foreign citizens in 2008, Spain – 5.3 million, United Kingdom – 4 million, France – 3.7 million and Italy – 3.4 million. Around 75% of the foreign citizens in the EU lived in these Member States in 2008.

In Romania, the largest group of foreign citizens came from Moldova (5,500), Turkey (2,200) and China (1,900).