Sebastian Vladescu accepts proposal for FinMin job

Prime Minister designate, Emil Boc has proposed Sebastian Vladescu as minister of finance in the government that will try to win the support from the Parliament. Sebastian Vladescu has reportedly accepted the proposal, sources closed to the issue told Mediafax.

Sebastian Vladescu whose name is closely linked to the one of Lucian Croitoru for the FinMin job held talks with the prime minister designate Emil Boc on the formation of a new Government.

The adviser to NBR governor, Lucian Croitoru said he hadn’t received any proposal to takeover the portfolio of Ministry of Finance and that although he considered it of great privilege, he wouldn’t accept such an offer, because he had other projects.

“I haven’t received such an offer. I would be flattered, I would consider it of great privilege, but I wouldn’t accept it because I have other projects underway”, said Croitoru.

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