On Friday, the National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.2057 lei/euro, the lowest since September 30, when the central bank posted an exchange rate of 4.1981lei/euro.

The European currency was sold for 4.21 lei in the morning, after the exchange rates tried to break through this psychological barrier. The national currency fell afterwards to 4.2150 against euro. At 13:40EET, banks were buying a euro for 4.2079 lei and selling it for 4.2177lei.

“Exchange rates have challenged the 4.21 lei/euro barrier in the morning, but failed to break through. The market is pretty quiet, without any major transaction”, said Ciprian Mihai, head of treasury at Volksbank Romania.

In the region, the Polish zloty strengthened versus euro to 4.18 from 4.20, while the Hungarian forint increased from 277.30 to 275.15units/euro.

Versus the US dollar, the reference rate set by the central bank climbed around 0.53% to 2.9368lei/dollar, from Friday’s 2.9214.