The reference price for Premium gasoline is now 4.04 lei/liter, for Top Premium 99+ is 4.41lei/liter and OMV Carrera 95 is 4.18 lei/liter, while for OMV Carrera 100 is 4.81 lei/liter.

Top Nordic Diesel costs 3.97 lei/liter, OMV Sprint Diesel 4.01lei/liter, while OMV Alpin Diesel is 4.30lei/liter. Euro Diesel 5 is now at 3.80lei/liter.

Petrom’s fuel prices may vary by a maximum of +/- 5% from the reference prices.

On Friday, January 1, the oil company lifted fuel retail reference prices by 0.27lei/liter, in case of gasoline by 0.22bani/liter, in case of diesel fuel with 4% share of biodiesel and by 0.23lei/liter in case of winter diesel fuels that don’t contain biodiesel, due to the increase in taxes and excises.

Petrom is the largest oil and gas company in Romania, with activities in the business segments of Exploration and Production, Refining, Marketing, as well as Gas. Petrom has proved oil and gas reserves of 0.9 bn boe and a maximum refining capacity of 8 million metric tons per year and around 550 filling stations in Romania. Its international network covers 269 stations in Moldova, Bulgaria and Servia. In 2008, Petrom’s turnover was €4.552 million and EBITDA of €969 million.

OMV holds 51.01% stake in Petrom. OMV runs operations in 13 Central European countries in Refining and Marketing and in 17 countries in Exploration and Production. The Ministry of Economy holds 20.64% of Petrom, Fondul Proprietatea – 20.11%, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – 2.03% and minority shareholders – 6.21%.