Hyposwiss' holdings in SIF3 and SIF5 top 2%

Swiss-based investment fund Hyposwiss Danube Tiger said its holdings in financial investment companies SIF Transilvania (BSE:SIF3) and SIF Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) stood at 2.24% and 2.22% respectively at the end of November.
The holdings have not been disclosed to the capital markets through filing reports with the BSE.

Under the provisions of the legislation in force, an investor can not hold more than 1% in a financial investment company, and should the equity holding limit is exceeded the investor is required to sell the shares so as to meet the statutory 1% cap.

According to November report on its portfolio holdings, the Swiss fund’s largest interests were in Oil Terminal (BSE:OIL) – 2.93%, in Conpet (BSE:COTE) – 2.87% and in Romcarbon (BSE:ROCE) – 2.12%.

The fund’s exposure in euro to the stock market was 51%, 33% in lei, and the remaining in other currencies. The largest share of total asset allocation was in stocks – 59% and the rest in bonds.

At the end of November, Hyposwiss Danube Tiger had total assets under custody of €77.5 million and since its inception in April 2003, the fund gained 66.13%.

At the end of first half 2009, the fund’s exposure to Romania was 34.26%, the largest share in its portfolio holdings, of €24.74 million, up from early last year when Austria was the no1 asset allocation destination.

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