According to a survey conducted by Basis&Basis Romania, 60% of the companies in Romania didn’t allocate money on this segment, against a mere 40%. Corporate gift budget varied between €100,000 and €500,000.

60% of the companies said they spent around €10 on corporate gifts per recipient, while 20% spent around €5-10 per recipient. The remaining 20% of the surveyed said the gift program budget didn’t exceed €5 per recipient.

“Gift spending per recipient has declined compared to 2006-2007 period, when amounts allocated for this segment were double or even triple. Investment in promotional products is extremely profitable if we take into account that the price of a promotional product is 5% of the value of the product up for sale. Corporate gift programs can generate an increase in sales of up to 200%”, said Maria Radu (photo), manager Basis&Basis.

However, around 50% of the companies expect the business gift budget to increase by 10-15% this year. For most of the companies (80%), investments in this segment provide a firm support for sales growth.

Therefore, 60% of the respondents said they expect a 5-20% increase in sales, while 32% predict a 21-50% rate.

80% of the respondents said the most popular corporate gifts were desktop items, while 20% said they preferred own branded products.

The survey was carried in November 1- December 15, and covered 149 companies operating in different sectors with turnovers between €1 and 3 million.