Data don’t include sales of cars and motorcycles, and are adjusted by seasonality and number of business days. In gross series, retail sales dropped 9% year-on-year.

In October, the first month of fourth quarter, retail sales decreased by a seasonally adjusted 9.1%.

In November, the biggest decline was recorded in “automotive fuel in specialized stores” – 23.5%, “non-food products” – 7.3%, and “food, drinks and tobacco” – 4.7%.

The bureau of statistics didn’t provide any data on wholesale trade on car and motorcycle repair or services.

Compared to October, seasonally adjusted retail sales (except sales of cars and motorcycles) adjusted by the number of business days fell 0.2% in November, as “food, drinks and tobacco” dropped 2.1% and “non-food products” by 1%.

Retails sales of automotive fuel in specialized stores dropped 2.5% on a monthly basis.