Germanwings buys four new Airbus A319

Low-fare airline carrier Germanwings said it plans to buy four Airbus A319 jets this year, and hence increase fleet to 30 Airbus A319 aircraft.
The Cologne-based airline said it expects a two-digit increase in capacity. “This year, Germanwings plans to exceed 10mln seat capacity on all routes it operates”, said the company.

For 2010, Germanwings estimates it will carry over 8 million passengers.

“This increase is largely supported by business class passengers. In 2010, the offer for the business segment will improve significantly”, representatives of the low-cost airline said. Moreover, Germanwings considers new partnerships with transport companies.

For 2009, the company had predicted 80,000 passengers for to and from Romania routes, 60% more than 50,000 passengers carried in 2008.

As of October 31, 2009, Germanwings operates three weekly routes: Bucharest – Berlin (introduced in June, 2008), Bucharest – Cologne (introduced in March 2007) and Bucharest – Stuttgart (introduced in April 2008).

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