“I couldn’t overlook certain statements of Minister Vosganian. He was one of the persons who fueled the major slippages of the country and led it to a completely unhealthy direction. Mr Vosganian seems to have forgotten that he was the one who handled a historic deficit of 5.4% which made European Union launch excessive deficit procedure”, said Boc at the end of budget talks.

He also accused the former Finance Minister for steering €4 million of public money to pet project, rather than projects aimed at reviving the economy, and said he had wasted the money allocated to National Development Fund, earmarked for infrastructure upgrade.

“Instead of having money set aside in 2009, Mr. Vosganian ran up huge debts. If it wasn’t for the irresponsible spending policy of Minister Vosganian, Romania would have been in a much better condition now. Now, when we want to correct these slippages, you have the same attitude when you were part of the ruling coalition,” said Boc.

Boc’s reaction was generated by Varujan Vosganian who said earlier that budget revenues assumed for 2010 are simply “unrealistic”.

“At least 1.5% of GDP is outrageous. Adding the financing from the Ministry of Interior and of Labor where, in order to close the budget by year-end, it will need another 3 to 5 billion lei”, said Varujan Vosganian. He added he expects the budget deficit to reach 8-10%.