The primary energy resources in the period under review totaled 30118.91 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (boe), down by 7447.4 thousand boe. Internal production totaled 21151.7 thousand boe, 6% less than the same period of last year. The country imported 8967.2 thousand boe last year, 40.5% less.

In Jan-Nov 2009, electricity resources totaled 52668.9 million KWh, down 7204.1 million KWh (-12%) from the same period of last year. The decline in electricity resources was largely due to the 6971.0 million KWh drop in production (-11.8%).

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the thermal electricity output was 26886.8 mln KWh, down 6223.9 million KWh (-18.8%). Hydroelectricity output fell 1327.3 million KWh or by 8.4% to 14467.0 mln KWh, while nuclear electricity output rose 580.2 mn KWh or 5.7% to 10751.2 million KWh.

Electricity consumption fell 8.7% to 44427.1 mln KWh. Public lightning dropped 6% while household consumption increased by 8.7%. Electricity exports fell by 2059.9 million KWh, or 44%.