Mariua Pahomi, Mediaedge:cia: We’ve experienced a solid growth in interest for performance-oriented campaigns, which is natural amid crisis and for social media accordingly.

Laurentiu Pop, Httpool Romania
: For the first time in Romanian online ad market, the trend was set by the need to raise awareness instead of the availability of a media space as we’ve seen so far. Coupled with a lower ad budget and the need to use only the media that show immediate results, the general trend was pay per click or reach. Subsequently the planning mix was altered, which is why I’d rather talk about the most used advertising media rather than most popular projects: reach websites and those geared toward communities, blogs or social networking sites.

Cristi Marinescu, Splendid Interactive: The easiest to accept by advertisers were performance-oriented campaigns, pay-per-click, or pay-per-lead models. Unfortunately, the market is still at its infancy since we still deal with situations in which we are proposed PPC-based campaigns using formats meant to raise brand awareness… for instance.