Dacia's global sales grow 20%

Dacia’s global sales grew 20.5% in 2009 to 311,282 cars, from 258,372 a year earlier.

In Romania, the local carmaker sold 41,862 cars last year, 50.6% less than 2008. Dacia’s market share in Romania grew 1.5% in the trailing year to 28.9%.

Last year, Dacia shipped 270,000 cars to other countries, of which 200,000 to Western Europe. Germany takes the first spot in terms of sales, with 84,937 Dacia cars sold, followed by France with 65,956 and Italy with 21,739 cars.

Fabrica Cambolive, Dacia’s commercial director said he expects sales in Romania to be around 2009 level, should car scrappage scheme restart on time.

Last year, Dacia sold 18,000 cars under the car scrappage scheme. The manufacturer launched Sandero Stepway last year as well as Kiss FM in limited edition, available for Sandero and Logan sedan.

Dacia will start selling Euro 5 cars as of January 1, 2011.

According to Dacia that quotes APIA, 144,953 cars were sold in Romania in 2009, 53.2% below year-ago level.

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