Midday Forex: Leu slips against euro

The reference rate set by the National Bank of Romania grew 0.17% to 4,1286 lei/euro after staying below 4.12 lei/euro in the morning. The leu lost ground afterwards, in line with its regional peers.

On Wednesday, the central bank set a reference rate of 4.1215 lei/euro, the lowest level in nine months.

The leu was trading near 4.1250 in the morning and grew to 4.1160 afterwards. At noon, the national currency lost ground to its European counterpart and fell to 4.13 units/euro. At 13:30 banks were buying a euro for 4.1280 and selling it for 4.1310.

“The leu started to depreciate against euro in the second part of the day, as it seems to move in line with the region”, a dealer told NewsIn.

The Polish zloty grew in the early trades to 4.0540 to 4.0360 units/euro but dropped afterwards to 4.06 units/euro. The Hungarian forint increased in the morning from 267.40 against euro to 266.20 after which it fell to 267.40 units/euro. Near closing, the forint showed modest gain to 266.70.

For the US dollar, the reference rate set by the National Bank of Romania rose 0.23% from 2.8388 to 2.8454lei/US dollar.

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